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Happy Music

Welcome to our web page. 

Here you can have a look on our work with children workshops and music teacher training courses.

What we do

We want to show how we work with children in Denmark. The intention behind our teaching has been studied and used in our school system for many years.

The theory is that children should feel happy and involved with the music to secure that they really bring the musical aspects into their lives. ​

Through music play games, rhythmical training, singing, playing on instruments and using your body we guide the children to learn, feel and express the music with happiness coming from your heart​

Workshops that fits your school

Depending on the time we have we will adjust the workshops. Normally a workshop last for six hours (a hole school day) but it can also be two hours or three days. We have a lot of material (translated into Chinese and English) so it is easy to make a programme that fits your school. 

We are used to work with many different sizes of groups. The number of children can vary from 25-200 children.

We are used to work with different musical levels and musical skills. Some children have been playing and singing for many years. Some don’t. We are experts in making differentiated teaching. And the most important thing: Every child can take part – no matter their level. Everyone is needed!

Before a workshop it is important for us to know: The number of the group, the age of the children. And we would like to know how many children plays instrument/sings and which instruments the play. 

Normally we ask for a piano and a drum. If you have other instruments on the school, we will love to know because then we will cooperate it in the workshop. Then we can make a rich program for you full of learning, energy and joy!

Who are we

Happy music wants to create great and real art with and for children. We believe that we as music teachers and performers have to spot and support competences that children have by nature: immediacy, a great amount of fantasy, the joy of playing, their nice energy and happiness. Using all these competences we build up a creative process where the children can feel ownership in the process and the goal.

Brain studies have proved a very positive side effect by creating and playing music. Music evolves the learning possibilities in the conventional subjects such as math, science, Danish, Chinese, English and more. And music enhance the ability to cooperate and act in groups, which is a very important competence in modern world today.

To sum up we work with the music and art for its own sake but also to give the children the best learning possibilities in a world that is so focused on education and innovation. 

China has shown a great demand and big interest for our teaching materials and teaching methods. We are working on a material for the Chinese music teachers based on rhythmical basic training, body grounding, singing and playing at the same time.

Kirsten and Anders are both educated musicians and teachers. We educate music teachers from the teacher college and the conservatories in Odense and Copenhagen in the subjects of pedagogics and rhythmical training. Beside that we make lectures, music teaching seminars and play concerts all over Denmark.

During the last 10 years we have being publishing books and teaching material for primary schools from the age of 5 to 13 years old. During the last 2 years Happy Music has been cooperating with different Chinese schools, education institutions and conservatories in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Baotou, Shanghai and Beijing. All levels are included in the Happy Music concept: Children, music teachers and students at the universities and conservatories.

Photo: Thomas Juul